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Home » Hardware » Things You Can Get at Your Local Hardware Store, But Not the Big Box Stores

Things You Can Get at Your Local Hardware Store, But Not the Big Box Stores

Local Hardware Stores really do have it all!

Think your local hardware store is just the place you go to for hand and power tools?

Think again.

There are plenty of items you can find at the hardware store you might find harder to find at a big box store! Let’s have a look at tens such items you can probably get at your friendly neighborhood hardware store.

Cooking Equipment

Enjoy cooking? Hit up the local hardware store to find canning supplies, cooking utensils, and especially great deals on small appliances! You’ll also be likelier to find specialty utensils and hand gadgets here than you will at the big box stores.

Soaps and Cleaning Products

Yes, most home improvement stores will stock mainstream cleaning products. But those aren’t the products we’re talking about. We’re talking about products made by small eco-friendly companies, and the products you probably remember from your childhood (i.e. Lye).

Dish Sets

Need to replace your dish set? Head on over to the neighborhood hardware store. These stores tend to carry incredibly fun and unique styles of plates, bowls and other sets in cool colors and patterns.

Garden Art

If you’ve got a green thumb or just enjoy gardening, the hardware store is where you should go for some great additions to your garden. Along with bird houses and bird feeders, you’ll be able to source some truly unique and creative garden art pieces. The best part? Many of these pieces are created by local artists- giving back to your community is always cool.


Hardware stores sell flags for just about every occasion. You’ll find the American flag, decorative flags with cool messages, sports teams’ flags and flags for special holidays too!

Radiator Keys

Does your home have an old radiator? Then you probably need some radiator keys. You can find such keys at your local hardware store. They come in a variety of sizes, and can be used to release trapped air from the radiator causing inefficiencies.

Outdoor Gear

Need camping equipment, coolers, or even water bottles, backpacks and hammocks? The hardware store is your friend. In fact, it may even carry more specialized outdoor gear than big box stores.

Pet Supplies

You don’t need to go all the way over to a specialized pet store if you need pet supplies. The hardware store will likely have everything you need. These stores often sell supplies, including food, chew toys and bones. You can even stock up on specialty bird seed, or get quality feed for your livestock!

Old-Fashioned Sodas and Candy, and Free Popcorn

Wondering just where all those sodas and candy you loved in your childhood went? Well, they may not be mass produced anymore, but many of them have found homes in your local hardware stores! From black licorice and root beer to candy bars you haven’t seen in years, the hardware store is where you go to get the hard to find candy.

In conclusion, spice up your life by checking out your local hardware store for the things you need.  We are sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised. At the very least, maybe you’ll get lucky and get some free popcorn!