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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Southwest Desert Grass Care Calendar

Maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn in the desert southwest is a challenge, but it can be done. In the case of a desert lawn, it is best for the owner to have a calendar of what needs to be done and stick to it. Before anything else, the owner needs to buy grass that is […]

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Hot Water Heater Problems

For many homeowners, hot water heater problems happen. Most don’t understand the parts in a water heater nor how they work or their location. They are aware they can replace the parts themselves, but they’re not confident of their ability to perform hot water heater repair. A common hot water heater problem is that it […]

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Garden Design Layout for Southwest Gardens

What could be more artistic than southwest gardens personally designed by you? The southwest is a region of the U.S. with a riot of iconic colors everywhere. There are several tips and tricks to design a successful southwest garden you will enjoy for a long time and will add value to your property. Garden Design […]

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Gardening Tools to Empower Your Inner Gardener

People of all ages choose gardening as a hobby for a host of reasons. While some gardening enthusiasts find gardening a relaxing way for them to ‘get back in tune with Mother Nature’, others say that gardening gives them a sense of pride at having created and maintained something they can call their own. No […]

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Southwest April Gardening Tips

For many, spring gardens aren’t a reality until Memorial Day hits, but for gardeners in America’s Southwest, the planting season can be year-round! Traditional “winter crops” can be grown with success, and with such early last-frost dates, new spring seedlings can be started and even plugged into the ground by this time. Here at Cooks […]

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