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Monthly Archives: April 2019

Southwest Desert Grass Care Calendar

Maintaining a beautiful, healthy lawn in the desert southwest is a challenge, but it can be done. In the case of a desert lawn, it is best for the owner to have a calendar of what needs to be done and stick to it. Before anything else, the owner needs to buy grass that is […]

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Garden Design Layout for Southwest Gardens

What could be more artistic than southwest gardens personally designed by you? The southwest is a region of the U.S. with a riot of iconic colors everywhere. There are several tips and tricks to design a successful southwest garden you will enjoy for a long time and will add value to your property. Garden Design […]

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Gardening Tools to Empower Your Inner Gardener

People of all ages choose gardening as a hobby for a host of reasons. While some gardening enthusiasts find gardening a relaxing way for them to ‘get back in tune with Mother Nature’, others say that gardening gives them a sense of pride at having created and maintained something they can call their own. No […]

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Southwest April Gardening Tips

For many, spring gardens aren’t a reality until Memorial Day hits, but for gardeners in America’s Southwest, the planting season can be year-round! Traditional “winter crops” can be grown with success, and with such early last-frost dates, new spring seedlings can be started and even plugged into the ground by this time. Here at Cooks […]

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