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Category Archives: Gardening

Tools You Need for Gardening

The latest gardening gadgets give you superior quality of work and are easy to use. Here are some of the basic gardening tools that you should have as a “green thumb” beginner. 1.    Spade / Shovel This is a worthwhile investment. Shovels or gardening spades are sturdy and durable. The main purpose of a shovel […]

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Top 7 Tips to Prepare Your Garden for Spring Season

Winter camouflages the mesmerizing beauty of a garden with its white, snowy layer. Once a lively, lush green garden becomes so morbid, all clad in white. On the other hand, fans of gardening don’t have much to do either. As winter nears its end, the gardening lovers brace themselves to reclaim their gardens’ former ‘green […]

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