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Category Archives: Hand tools

Power Tools vs Hand Tools: When to Use Which?

When it comes to tools, the real question you must ask yourself is, what is the desired result? If you are looking for brute force, strength, all or nothing type of impact, reach your hand for a power tool. But if precision, detail, art, and finesse are your desire, then grab a tool and let […]

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What Type of Hammer Do You Need?

Hammers, like many other tools, come in a wide range of variety of shapes, sizes and weights. The different types of hammers have different uses. If you don’t know much about hammers and want a thorough guideline on the basic types of hammer, you have landed on the right page. 1.     Claw Hammer Claw hammers […]

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Why It Is Worth Spending More on Hand Tools

If you’re into fixing things on your own then you probably own a few tools. If you’re wondering why it’s necessary to own a quality hand tool set, then this article is for you. Good things cost money. Same with hand tools. If you’re after quality, then you have to spend more. But they are […]

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Top Hand Tool Brands Offered Today

A hand tool is any equipment that is used manually instead of being powered electrically. Hand tools play a vital role in restoration, fixing or installation of appliances, gadgets or other entities at home or workplace. This could include your motor vehicles, decorative items or appliances such as air conditioners. Let’s take a look at […]

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