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Home » Hardware » 5 Cool Things You Can Buy At the Hardware Store

5 Cool Things You Can Buy At the Hardware Store

You know how your child gets a little too excited when he or she enters a toy store or stationery shop? Before you start reprimanding them on the numerous things they want to buy for no reason at all, why not look at your own behavior when you enter a hardware store? Makes you wonder right?

It’s alright! We all have a little child inside us and who says adults can’t have fun? There are hundreds of hardware stores in the US and each one offers something unique and amazing. Even Costco now has a hardware department, which is nowhere near as big as its other departments but it sure offers you the basic stuff and a few never been seen before items.

So, are you ready to know about some of the coolest hardware that will have you running to the nearest hardware store?

Let’s get started:

1. Shake Siphon



You no longer need to put your lips on a pipe and suck out the petrol from your car! The shake siphon is a brilliant invention allowing you to siphon out any liquid by giving the pipe two good shakes. Simply insert one end of the pipe into the tight space from where you want to siphon the liquid and hold the other on top of a bucket. Give it a few shakes and the liquid will start pouring out in no time.

2. Whiteboard Paint



This invention will be quite a surprise for your kid. Of course, you will be the first one standing in front of it and testing your mad art skills but now, you no longer have to worry about your kid soiling the walls. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a wall sized whiteboard when you can get the same thing by painting the wall? Simply roll out the paint onto the wall, wait for it to dry and your giant board is ready to doodle on.

3. Self-Fusing Silicone Tape



Tired of using duct tape on things and then finding them still falling apart the next day? We bring you the self-fusing silicone DOUBLE SIDED and STRETCHABLE tape! It can take around 500 degrees Fahrenheit heat, and did we mention stretchable? What’s amazing is it stretches 300% more than its original size. The applications for this tape are numerous, which gives you the benefit of using it on almost anything. It’s stretchable, so we mean almost anything! Seriously!

4. Heat Shrinking Tube



So, one of your expensive cables now has a cut in it. Every time you try to hold it while it’s plugged in, you get a small electrical jolt. Before you go wrapping electrical tape around it, stop because we have something amazing for you. Heat Shrinking Tube is pretty simple to use. Just slide in the cable and heat the tube, then *ta-da!*… all fixed!

5. Bondic



Bondic is a special device allowing you to glue things up without getting your hands dirty or stuck with super glue. The device uses plastic liquid to join things together and then strengthens the bond with UV light. Cue in the gasp.

Itching to get your hands on this hardware? So, what are you waiting for? Go grab your wallet and have some fun. Happy hunting!

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