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The Features and Benefits of Valspar Paint

With an experience of over 200 years, Valspar Paint still continues to offer high-performance coatings while catering to many industries and residential properties. What started out as a single shop in Boston has now grown as the fifth-largest paint manufacturing company in the world! What makes them exceptional at what they do? This article will cover all the aspects.
Features of Valspar Paint

Valspar Paint is changing the way customers shop for paints. The manufacturer understands that most of the times, customer have to compromise on the color they want and end up choosing a similar shade instead of the desired one because of the limited options available.
Their promise is to eliminate this practice once and for all. They guarantee that their customers never have to compromise on:
Finding the exact shade or texture they come looking for
Limited range of colors for specific places such as bathroom or bedroom paints.

Requesting for more color because the applied coat didn’t cover that well
Purchasing of colors that the manufacturer has discontinued (Valspar Paint does color customizations for all their clients)
Faded paint colors and need for re-polishing every few months as all their paints are top-notch and look exactly the same as shown in their brochures.
They also have a competent staff that is trained to take every customer through the painting journey. They answer queries, attend to customized needs and offer their advice on color schemes to customers who don’t know what they want.

They also elaborate on the roles of paints, how to prepare the surface before paint and applicators that will suit their needs and budgets well. To say the least, when customers leave their store, they leave informed.
Another great feature of Valspar Paint is that you can get free samples of colors and how they will look in different lightings.

Benefits of Valspar Paint
What makes Valspar Paint the best of the rest? Let’s take a closer look!

1. Use of High-Quality Ingredients
Valspar Paint uses high-quality ingredients that blend well together and offer maximum coverage in the first coat. Their products are made of 100% acrylic and can also be scrubbed with ease.

2. Reduce Waiting Time
They also offer a wall paint and primer in one. This reduces the waiting time before the application of the paint, making paint jobs less than a day’s work. Furthermore, the two in one paint is much more affordable than purchasing two different sets.

3. Largest Color Choices around Europe
Valspar Paint has the largest color schemes to offer in all of Europe. They have an impressive portfolio that houses more than 2 million different shades and textures. A majority of their paints are water-based which results in low odor.

4. Recyclable Tins
Being an environment-friendly firm, all their paints come in recyclable tins so that once the project is finished, they don’t end up in landfills but are actually recycled to make new ones.

5. Require Low Maintenance
Finally, they are very easy to clean after and maintain. The colors last longer and don’t come off with routine cleaning. Despite scrubbing, the top layer won’t come off.