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Top Shovel, Rake and Hoe for Gardening in the Market Today

Spring is fast approaching and you know it will be that time of the year when those little weasels will start sprouting in your garden. When we bought our new house, I was ecstatic that there was a garden in the front yard. I envisioned beds of roses and other flowers, along with some vegetable plants and I was ready to get started. What awaited me was a disaster. Since I didn’t want to overhaul the garden, I decided to work on what was already there. However, what I found was a WHOLE LOT OF weeds just sticking out haphazardly. Guess the previous owners were not much into gardening.

This was a job that called for the best of the best gardening tools and I vowed to have my garden back into shape before I fully settled into our new home. So, without further ado, here are the top three shovel, rake and hoe of 2018 that are a must have for gardening lovers:

Tomita Japanese Garden Landscaping Triangle Hoe

A hoe is used for several purposes. It can be used to slice weeds, prevent them from growing out and for mixing the soil. Quite different from the standard American garden hoe, this hoe provides depth while gardening. Forget Dutch hoes because this one will give you better room to work with flower, as well as vegetable beds.

Tomita Japanese Garden Landscaping Triangle Hoe has a triangular blade that is best for pulling out weeds from the root. By slicing them, they “will” come back and you will be at it again after a few days. The sharpness of the blade allows you to dig 4 inches deep and makes perfect furrows. You can use it while sitting or standing due to its lightweight. The hoe has a beautifully painted handle and a metal ring at the end so that you can hang it in the shed.

Bully Tools 82515 14-Gauge Round Point Shovel

A shovel is the most needed gardening tool and for me, it was the most important one because I had to completely dig out one section of the garden that was unsalvageable. The 14-Gauge Round Point Shovel by Bully Tools is an all-rounder, as in, it has a fiberglass handle, I-beam construction, and a lifetime warranty. Its construction allows me to put as much pressure as I want on the blade and I am able to move stumps and large boulders. Moreover, I can dig deep trenches, which allows my plants to nurture safely.

Razor-Back 24-Tine Steel Rake

At the first glance, you won’t find much difference between the Razor-Back 24-Tine Steel Rake and other rakes but its specialty is that it has been designed for performance and comfort. The rake has 24 steel tines that are connected to the head. The flexible coil spring offers smooth raking and the 9-inch grip ensures your hands don’t get cramped. With a fiberglass handle and 51-inch length, you can easily rake long distance soil without cramping your back.

Not only are these products priced reasonably, you can also find them all over the internet. Named as the top winners of 2018, these gardening tools are backed by quality manufacturing and a long lasting warranty.